Why Mexico City?

Mexico’s capital city is a fascinating place, that seduces its visitors with uncountable options which are a mixture of tradition and modernity. Come to Mexico City and enjoy the beauty of its modern and old buildings, travel over the ancient neigbourhoods where you will find places full of history. Visit Mexico City’s wooded parks, numerous archaeological sites, and its exquisite gastronomy. The City centre, ‘Zócalo’ (main square) has been inscribed on the list of Cultural World Heritage, by the UNESCO. The ‘Zócalo’ is a mixture of the prehispanic and colonial times that offers the visitor a variety of commercial options.

Our School is located in the South of Mexico City which is formed by four very beautiful, colonial and traditional neighbourhoods.


Tlalpan is one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods that you can find in the south of the city. It is full of cultural centres and bars that make Tlalpan the ideal place for bohemian life. You can visit valuable historical buildings such as The Capuchinas Convent or San Augustín’s Temple.


Coyoacán is one of the places with the most cultural and artistic life in the city. Many former haciendas, stately houses, chapels and churches still remain in and around Coyoacán centre.The centre of Coyoacán is particularly full at the weekends, when lots of families walk up and down its gardens and visit local book shops. Coyoacán has several bars, canteens and coffee shops. It is the perfect option for those who are looking forward to enjoying a bohemian evening.


It is still possible to sail through the ancient Aztec channels. You sail on a trajinera which is the traditional Aztec boat. The visit to Xochimilco centre is a must. Its colonial architecture, traditions and festivities throughout the year are part of the timeless beauty of Xochimilco.

San Ángel

San Ángel is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in the capital city. San Ángel is known for its stone pavement streets, ancient stately houses, colonial churches and peaceful gardens where you can find bazaars that sell works of art. Sán Ángel is also popular for the several cultural centres and the high-spirited nocturnal life at the local bars and discos.